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Published on October 7th, 2020 | by Lydia Brooks


9 hottest hip hop songs of Korean music industry (Part 1)

Hip hop and sorrow? Sound too wrong? But the following series of songs will prove to you that, hip hop is not only fun and exciting music, in many cases, it also makes people cry because of the feelings contained in it.

Hip hop is definitely not a genre where most people think it can produce sad songs. After all, hip hop is meant to be used to dance, dance around, and is often associated with the concept of “swag”, not a place for artists to lament or sorrow over love. However, some Korean hip hop songs are very sad, and can even take away your tears more than slap ballads.

Here is a list of the 10 saddest hip hop tracks in the Korean music industry:

1. “Heaven 08:45” – Tiger JK

The lyrics of the song “08:45 Heaven” tell the story of someone grieving over the loss of a loved one, sometimes wishing that if only could go back in time and sometimes asking God to bring the deceased return to the human world. It is said that Tiger JK wrote this song thinking of her deceased grandmother, and the title of the song refers to the time of her death.

2. “Champion” – Leessang

The song is written with the inspiration from Korean boxing champion Choi Yosam. He died in 2008, after suffering a traumatic brain injury in the last round of a match. It is said that his death was tragic, because if he had been treated 30 minutes earlier, Choi Yosam would have lived. The song is also a homage to the difficult life of boxers like Choi Yosam, who is always said to have gone through a tough time searching for sponsors and even must use separate money for the final match.

3. “Searchin ‘” – Verbal Jint ft. The Quiett

The lyrics reveal the story of a person who loses his best friend, but tries to deny reality. He makes an effort to forget this sadness with alcohol, and to visit places they’ve been together, while imagining that his friend is still watching from somewhere. But, deep within his soul, he knows that things will never be the way they were.

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