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Published on November 4th, 2020 | by Lydia Brooks


9 hottest hip hop songs of Korean music industry (Part 2)

4. “Loneliness in the Palm of My Hand” – Mad Clown

The song depicts an indescribable sadness, telling the story of a so lonely man that the entire world and his existence have become bleak and meaningless. The character in the song is extremely lonely, and he begins to feel confused in his insecurity, anger, and the need to prove something to the world.

5. “It’s Cold” – Epik High

“It’s Cold” is the voice of a person who always feels empty deep in his heart. It is portrayed as a deep sadness that can make everything as cold and gloomy as winter, even if it’s springtime and surrounded by things that often make the mood. each becomes more active.

6. “Father” – Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo’s “Father” is a song about a father who has passed away. What makes this song even more melancholy is the way it expresses a child’s hateful feelings towards his father when he was a child. Even the son did not appreciate what his father did for him, until he saw his father gradually weakening and losing control over his old age. At this point, the child began to regret it, and it was too late for him to show his love for his father.

7. “Wall” – Pinodyne (ft. Ven)

“The Wall” is the voice of a person who always feels he is not loved and appreciated by his parents. The song expresses the mood of a person who feels insecure because he does not live up to family expectations, cannot do great things like his brother. He always felt that all the care and love he received were just fragments. In his mind, he felt his maturity was thwarted by continuity, as he was always seen as a shadow of his brother, never seen with his own successes.

8. “Bad Guy” – MC Sniper

The lyrics of the song “Bad Guy” are about someone who falls in love with someone she can’t be with. In frustration, she called the person a villain, to continue hurting herself without her even knowing it.

9. “Sailboat of Time” – Hwana

The song is like a diary, consisting of complete sentences about the singer’s / rapper’s lonely and old mood. Especially after meeting an old acquaintance again, he realized that both himself and the world had changed so much.

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