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Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Rivalry More Complex than Originally Thought?

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj names have been seen together more than ever in 2018, and this isn’t a necessarily good thing. In early July, Cardi B and Offset, her husband who is a part of the musical trio, Migos, welcomed a baby girl together. She released a photo on Instagram which announced her daughter’s name – Kulture Kiara Cephus in a stylish and eye-catching display. Almost instantly, she racked up nearly over 6 million likes, retweets, and mentions of congratulations from her hordes of fans, supporters, and friends. This was just another one of the stripper turned hip-hop stars successful releases that took over the pop culture news for a few days.

While this may seem to be a rare occurrence for some celebrities, Cardi B is one of the exclusions. Just in July, she received her second hit which was on the Hot 100, along with her baby announcement, and her personally releasing a photo of her younger self which sparked one of the biggest internet memes that were seen of every social media platform.

While there are many positive sides reported on Cardi B, now everything in the news is positive. Especially when it comes to Nicki Minaj. Since Cardi B was introduced in the rap game, it seemed as if the rivalry between the two women spread faster than anyone could realise. While nowadays Cardi B’s tracks are being played more, it’s undeniable to say that Minaj has been one of the most prominent names in hip-hop for the last decade. Even now that Minaj is getting ready to release a new album next month, expectations are high for the self-declared queen of rap.

It’s not as if Nicki Minaj has been hiding under a rock though, the rap artists did release two singles in April of this year – “Chung Li” and “Barbi Tingz”. While they were successful in the early days, it seems as if the hype died down for both songs after the second week. Along with her most recent scandal of attacking a blogger, and sending her fans to attack her, which cost the blogger her job, any news relating to Minaj just seems to either be negative or about her music is lacklustre.

Despite this, many have wondered why things seem to always be soaring for Cardi B while Nicki Minaj just seems to be getting more negative. The answer is simple. The media and the fans are pinning these two women together and trying to compare them at every chance they receive. While both women are talented artists, it just seems as if they can’t escape the constant question of “who is better”.

This all started off as some interviews of the two which they both seem to light-heartedly toss jabs at one another – a common trend in the hip-hop industry. Although, it seemed as if the newbie, Cardi B was getting more positive attention while Minaj was seen as the bitter older artist. However, while the rivalry has seemed to die down a bit, it’s nearly impossible to not think that the artists themselves caused one of the main reasons for this as Minaj painted herself to be petty and jaded while   Cardi B had a more lackadaisical approach to life.


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