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Headlines of the Coachella 2020 lineup

After a lot of rumors about who would be gracing Indio in April, the Coachella 2020 lineup has finally been announced. As well as unveiling headliners Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, and Rage Against The Machine, it creates a ton of talking points to discuss before the double weekenders return later this year.

BIGBANG is back

K-pop fans were greeted with a surprise as the Coachella line-up was announced this morning – the inclusion of Hip Hop legends BIGBANG. The group hasn’t toured since 2017, only released a track with ‘Flower Road’ in 2018, and was rumored to be on the verge of breaking up since member Seungri quit the industry following his alleged involvement in the Burning Sun scandal. Yet there are, sitting on the top line of the bill alongside Megan Thee Stallion, Run The Jewels, and Calvin Harris. Coachella 2020 will be the group’s first as a four-piece.

IDLES vs Sleaford Mods

IDLES and Sleaford Mods came to blows in 2019 as the Nottingham duo accused the Bristol punks of class appropriation. This year, both are playing on the same day at Coachella, which might give the desert location more of a Wild West battleground atmosphere. However, let’s be honest that if anything happens on the day, it will be hurriedly tweeted into a digital cesspool, or barked down a microphone on stage rather than taking the form of a real-life brawl.

The holograms are coming

Coachella is no stranger to holograms being beamed onto stages. Everyone can’t forget that hilariously bad Tupac “cameo” during Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s joint set in 2012? Eight years later, the Californian festival looks set to have its first deeply impressive hologram moment with Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku, who only exists as a mixture of virtual light beams and “Vocaloid” synthesizer software. While the west has been dicking around with “robots” pop stars such as Poppy and Lil Miquela, Japan has been busy creating a truly digital pop phenomenon that has already supported Lady Gaga and also performed on The Late Show with David Letterman.

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