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Published on September 10th, 2019 | by Lydia Brooks


‘Hip Hop DNA’ to take place at the Marcus Center on Friday

Featuring hip-hop, jazz, soul, and funk, the “Hip Hop DNA” show is planned to take place at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, Sep 13, at 7:30 p.m. Musicians coming from around the community plan to showcase their own talents and backgrounds to inspire the next generation.

The show features the people and music that helped in defining the popular culture of America, including Kraftwerk, Nina Simone, Metro Boomin, George Clinton, Dr. Dre, and Pharrell Williams. This live show is going to illustrate the evolution and interconnectedness of fifty years of music and dance, meanwhile exploring the influences of African, European, Latin, as well as Eastern traditions. Hip hop music is about expressing individuality, challenging the status quo, and making your own lane, but it is also originally rooted in bridging gaps, community-building, and passing on knowledge to the next generation. In an increasingly divided world, this genre of music is one of the few spaces where people of all races, genders, ages, and backgrounds can come together, create, and freely and equally co-exist – One Nation Under a Groove.

Kiran Vedula, who is also known as Q the Sun, is a musician and youth advocate from Milwaukee specializing in production and composition, media-based mentorship, and live performance.  He has been an active performer and producer for the past 15 years, closely working with top notch artists and organizations both locally, nationally, and abroad.

The mission of Q the Sun is to celebrate and explore the rich musical history and tradition of Hip hop culture as well as its wide ranging influence on American culture.

In order to bring together a diverse group of Milwaukee-based vocalists, musicians, and dancers, and the community around the whole goal of setting up connections and hope through an educational and entertaining experience.

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