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Published on May 14th, 2020 | by Lydia Brooks


Hip hop prodigy is 10 years old and under pressure because of being so famous (Part 2)

Although admitting to being invited to the United States to attend the popular television show The Ellen DeGeneres Show in early 2018 was an experience that made me both nervous and excited, Amy said that during the trip she remembered the most was the delicious ice cream.

Amy cheerful, innocent like every 10-year-old girl, except she happened to be a talented young dancer. Despite how the adults judge her, Amy Zhu said: “I find life happier when I dance.”

'Than dong hip hop' 10 tuoi va ap luc phai chiu vi noi tieng qua som hinh anh 1

The popularity doesn’t seem to matter much to the life of a 10-year-old dancer. He just wants to study hard and dance

People love Amy no less, but the 10-year-old dancer also “caught the eye” of a part of the audience that she was too young to pursue hip hop style.

2 of Amy’s hottest videos total more than half a million views and nearly 2,000 comments. They were choreographed by French dancer and choreographer Yanis Marshall – a character considered by Amy to be a hero.

Most netizens praised Amy’s charismatic performance. But there are also some who think the style doesn’t suit her.

“From costumes to dances are too sexy! I’m young, they are not suitable for my age,” a netizen commented on the clip where Amy appeared with shorts and croptop shirt.

The 10-year-old dancer kept silent due to controversial opinions, but the choreographers who used to interact with her frankly spoke out.

'Than dong hip hop' 10 tuoi va ap luc phai chiu vi noi tieng qua som hinh anh 3

Choreographer and dancer Yanis Marshall said on her personal page: “Don’t tell me ‘she’s too childish’. It’s her mother’s business, not mine. I only accept trainees aged 16 and over Up, but Amy is the exception because she has special talents. I also arranged dance practice suitable for her. “

Julian DeGuzman – a 17-year-old American dancer and choreographer, who taught Amy Zhu on his trip to China to teach dance at Sinostage Studio – understands the challenges of becoming a dancer from an early age.

DeGuzman commented that Amy was cute and talented. What she shows is very impressive at her age.

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