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The Most Controversial Hip Hop Songs Ever Written or Performed

Throughout the history of Hip Hop, there has never been a shortage of controversy. Controversial Hip Hop songs aims their shots directly towards the authoritarian figure or someone in power. In this article, we have selected the foremost controversial Rap Songs ever written or performed.

N.W.A- F**k Tha Police

Released in 1988, one among the foremost controversial songs in rap history is N.W.A’s F**k Tha Police. The song is understood for its explicit approach and is one among the foremost famous songs written by the group. The song was written soon after the group was reportedly harassed by police officials.

It was made as a protest to the abuse of power inflicted by enforcement, on people of color. The FBI was even reported to possess written a letter describing their disappointment and disapproval of the song, to the company.

Childish Gambino – This is often America

One of the foremost recent songs to urge riled up in controversy was the 2018 song This is often America. The song, however, won four Grammy Awards and garnered a staggering 600 million-plus views on Instagram.

The video of the song was said to be controversial for its direct portrayal of gun violence happening within the country. The video also was said to showcase discrimination and racism. Fans of the artist even mentioned several other hidden meaning within the song which haven’t been fully explored.

Eminem – We as Americans

Eminem is understood for stepping into controversies ever since his glory days. One such instance came from his Encore album with the song We as Americans in 2004. the road from the song, “I’d rather see the president dead”, got him into the controversy. the key service had to incorporate themselves into the matter, as Eminem made an immediate threat to the President at the time.

Bush Killa – Paris

In this inflammatory track from his second album Paris directly threatens to kill then-President George H.W. Bush. It doesn’t get more controversial than that.

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